Underwater Apnea Photography


    Makoto Kubo

    久保 誠

    Alone in the ocean.
    Relaxing , forgetting breathing.
    The body completely melting with the sea water.
    Calm movements in the weightlessness.

    I remember the ego doesn't exist.
    I remember the our link with the macrocosm.






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    2017年の Review Santa Fe に参加しました。

    I took part in the "Review Santa Fe" in 2017.

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    Underwater Apnea Photographer

    Makoto Kubo

    Born in Tokyo, 1964


    2010 Graduated from PHat PHOTO photo class

    2011 Graduated from photographer Shin Suzuki workshop

    2011 Kyoto University of Art and Design correspondence course


    January 2011 “Free diving photography” exhibition, one man show at Epson Imaging Gallery, Tokyo

    June 2011 “Free diving photography” exhibition, one man show in Tateyama, Chiba

    July 2012 One man exhibition “Women diver at Satori” at women divers’ festival in Shirahama, Minami Boso

    August 2012 “Ocean and prayer” outdoor exhibition at Okinoshima beach, Tateyama

    October 2017 Participated in "Review Santa Fe"

    Media coverage:

    August 2010 Photos work featured in “Photo Technique Digital Magazine” August issue

    May 2012 Photos work featured in “Asahi Camera” June issue